Transmitters for Corrections

Welcome to Transmitters for Corrections, My name is David Proulx I am a retired Correctional Officer, I worked at Rockingham County Dept of Corrections on the blocks for 20 Years I started my retirement approx 7 years ago. While working on the block shown above, the noise level would get excessive due to the battle between inmates trying to overcome each other, the TV listeners would crank the TV to overcome the inmates talking in turn the inmates talking would be louder to overcome the TV.

 This caused problems for the Officers being able to hear a commotion or situation of a inmate calling for help, it distracted officers from being alert to medical distress form inmates. I tried various ways to correct this problem and tried a FM transmitter which I could easily attach to a television and have the transmitter send the sound from the television to the little portable FM Radios supplied to the inmates. The results were amazing the volume of the television was turned down low inmates watching television sat in front of the television quietly watching TV and listening to the television program thru their little FM Portable Radio, the inmates talking were much lower in volume, inmates and officers both thanked me, no inmates messed around with the transmitter because other inmates enjoyed it. The Superintendent asked me to set up the remaining 5 blocks with the transmitters as well.

Presently I have Portable Fm Radios available, Audio Converters, Cables, Televisions, Earbuds available.

Being a retired Correctional Officer I know what security measures to look for in reference to Contraband, which I take in consideration with the products I sell. Check out some of my products available to your Facility

This is a Hiteker Am/Fm Analog Portable Radio, There is no speaker in it, Inmates have to listen thru earbuds, which are included with the radio, there is no exterior metal antenna which could be used for a shank. It uses 2-AAA Batteries made with Clear plastic to see contents of Portable radio Sale Priced at $7.75 per radio qty of 100 or more with Free shipping in United States

Digital to Analog Audio Converters

Digital to Analog Audio Converters are used to change the Audio output from a Digital Television or a Doby Digital to a Analog Audio signal which is what a Fm Transmitter uses to transmit the Audio from a television to the Portable Fm Radio

the Converter shown is used for a Digital Television, the converter for the Doby Digital is similar to the appearance of the one above but more expensive.

Hiteker Portable Am/Fm Radio

FM Transmitters 3.0

This is the FM Transmitter used to transmit the audio from the Television to the Am/Fm Portable Radio used by the inmates, its small and be attached to the back of the television or tucked away in a junction box

Broadcasts audio 150 feet in any direction
Unparalleled power options (Wall, Car, USB, Battery)
Small. Compact. Portable.
Ease to see back lit digital screen
Six free accessories (Value $60)

ONLY $124.99 Each with Free Shipping

The Whole House FM Transmitter 3.0 is capable of broadcasting audio sources 150 feet to any FM radio within its transmission radius. Engineered and redesigned from customer feedback, the new improvements, like intuitive user interface and SMA removable antenna set it apart from competitors in the same class.
Designed with Your Needs in Mind

150 Foot Range

Broadcast 150 feet in all directions in rich, static-free audio.
Adjustable Antenna

The 6.5″ swivel SMA antenna makes adjusting the angle and rotation easy.
Audio & Mic Volume

Use the microphone at the same time as any audio source.
Four Power Methods

With the USB power cord and free power adapters included with every unit.
Durable Case

The sleek design is cast from a stronger plastic polymer for more durability.
Large Interface

Large LCD and blue backlighting makes reading easy.

 Television audio output connects here

This end connects to the Fm Transmitter