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Englander Pellet Stove
​ Repair Information
 I own and use a Englander Pellet Stove and owned it since Sept,2004 in the past year I kept getting error codes with the stove shutting down constantly. I did some research reading blogs and such, the majority of the problems mentioned were dirty stoves and the motors getting weak.
This stove has two feed augers that use the same motor, the replacement motors from the Englander stove Company are approx. $130.00 each with shipping and handling charges​, with  alot of recommendations on the blogs, I purchased two replacement motors for  approx. $131.32 this included shipping and for both motors from CSH Incorporated on Amazon. Pellet Stove Auger Gear Motor, 1 RPM, 120 volts, 0.51 amps (Whitfield Quest, Merkle-Korff, Earth , along with changing both Pellet stove auger motors and cleaning the carbon build up on the bottom feed auger where the pellets drop out and While the motors were out, ( one 1/4" open end wrench ) is all that is needed to take the motors off the augers., I took the four bolts out that holds the auger assembly in place inside the stove using a 7/16 socket, I slid the auger assembly out easily.
This allowed me to readjust the auger on the ​mounting bracket which holds the auger in place on the pellet stove ( only need two set screws on the  auger bearings to be loosened with aa allen head wrench ( NOTE: you don't need to touch these if your just removing the Auger motors )