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Motorcycle Fm Radio, with 250 Watt Speaker System,
 "MUST SEE" -Starting at $149.99 (Middleton, NH)

You can crank these speakers up to the max and still get a good clean sound!

I have  250 Watt Motorcycle Fm Radios which can be mounted on your handlebars or put in a saddlebag with water proof speakers which are available in chrome or black this systems also comes with a remote control which allows you to control most functions of the radio from your fingertips while driving
$149.99 ( Black )  and  $154.99 ( Chrome ).

Both units  have inputs for MP3 players,  Satelite Radios and other accessories.

These speakers can be put in a bucket of water and still work,,, This system ROCKS at seventy miles an hour with a full face helmet you can still listen to your tunes without distortion!
CHROME & BLACK BACK IN STOCK  Please note a waterproof remote control is included with the system. Built in internal FM antenna!
You can connect this system to any mp3 player, IPOD, cd player, etc
These speakers are 100% waterproof.
can dump it in a pot of water and they will still work.
Try that with your current speakers.

Call 603-755-3851 ask for Dave
or visit