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Welcome to Dave's Bargain Enterprise
Dave's Bargain Enterprise is a registered Business in NH,NJ,VA. and offers sales of Motorcycle stereo equipment and Transmitters and radio equipment to Correctional Facilities and Prisons throughout United States and Canada.

Our sales of Motorcycle Stereo Equipment is thru www.cruisingwithtunes.com, offering motorcycle Stereo systems, Motorcycle Audio systems, Motorcycle Speakers, Amplifiers from 100 Watts to 1400 Watts, with a lot of stereo accessories for your motorcycle , We take pride in our customer service. I have a store display for those that are able to stop by located in Middleton, NH.

At Dave's Bargain Enterprise we also offer Transmitters and Radios with accessories to government agencies throughout US and Canada from Prisons, Jails, Correctional Facilities, I retired about 4 years ago from Corrections
after completing 20 years for retirement, while employed and working a block with 80 inmates during second shift I would sit at my desk at the end of the block and counted the minutes waiting for my shift to end, the noise level was unreal inmates would talk louder to overcome the television, man you couldn't hear someone yell for help if you wanted to. I started checking out small transmitters  and tried some out, I found the perfect transmitter that would cover the distance and not float around but had a strong signal. I received permission from the Superintendent to test a system out and with great success quietness arose, Inmates would sit around the television and watch tv and listen to the television thru ear bud's attached to their little portable FM radio each inmate could control the volume through their radio and the exterior volume of the television  turned right down. More information on the products available can be found at www.transmitters4corrections.com  ​We offer the television transmitters, Audio converters, and personal portable radios for the inmates. Being in Corrections I can relate on the safety factors to consider such as no metal antennas, or other unsafe contraband the inmates could utilize as a weapon